Reclamebureau Christiaan Hoogeveen

This is a true story
about our creative agency

Let us hear what you want and we will amaze you with what comes on your way. Even better; you cross the path of your target group.
We design and carry out. Ensure that your message comes across to the target group. Release the challenge and we will book results.

Achieve goals

Humanity manages to travel to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy. Because they are difficult, because that will serve a purpose to organize and measure the best of our energies and abilities, because that challenge is one that we want to accept, a challenge that we do not want to postpone. Because we want to win. That is in the nature of man. With such a big goal you have to know what you can do. We can do that. Give us a challenge and then we would like to come up with a nice proposal. A proposal that appeals to your target group. We want to achieve this by using tools that we know from experience since 2001.

  • 2001   ·   Establishment of the agency.
  • 2002   ·   Webdesign study.
  • 2009   ·   Agency moved to Meppel.
  • 2010   ·   Creative team and collaboration grows.
  • 2016   ·   Agency moved to Nijeveen.
  • 2018   ·   Milestone of 250 business customers reached.
  • 2019   ·   This website in development.